Mad Alchemy Embrocation

When I first heard of this “embrocation” stuff, I thought that it was surely pretty weird, but potentially an excellent product. After using it several times, I can conclude that it is both weird and excellent.

Basically, it’s an orange-ish rub that has the smell of a candle that you might find in your grandmother’s house. It comes in a sketchy handmade looking jar that  reminded me of Harry Potter.  There are different types, depending on how cold the conditions you are planning to ride in are.

At first, it feels itchy and rather uncomfortable.  The good thing about this is that it makes you start your ride quicker.  When I  was riding, I was amazed at how well it worked.  Luckily, we have had fairly warm weather since I received the product, but it worked very well during the two times I have used it, one of which was rainy. 

I believe that this is the answer to the dilemma that I have encountered many times while rowing and cycling.  I have always struggled to determine what to wear when the weather is around 50-60 degrees and it is raining. If you wear long spandex, those will undoubtedly get wet and remain wet for the remainder of the practice. If you don’t wear long spandex, you will be cold, but you won’t have wet spandex on. 

Turns out the answer was not one of those two options but rather this embrocation product. Excellent for 50 degree rainy days. There hasn’t been a colder day that I can report on, so stay tuned!

As an added bonus, the orange hue makes your legs look tan. Perfect for the winter months.